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The CQC inspectors not only inspect client care plans but also interview staff and clients and assess the effectiveness of each provider’s management and communication skills. This helps people looking for care to assess in detail the quality performance of a care provider.

We are proud to work closely with the CQC to ensure we meet the quality standards and to embrace their philosophy of the “Mums” test – Is this care agency good enough for my mum (or family member)? We have a strong person-centred culture throughout the organisation, which values everyone as unique individuals.

We have ‘well-trained Care Workers who have the skills and knowledge to meet people’s needs, and there is a commitment at every level to provide high-quality service and look for ways to improve continually. Due to our unique model, we can offer bespoke, high-quality care that people can afford. This model of care is the future of care in the UK.”

Quality live-in home care means receiving care that isn’t just medically appropriate but suits you personally and allows you or your family member(s) to retain as much independence and dignity as possible. Quality home care means having a Care Worker who is professional, kind, considerate and, above all, someone you genuinely like and trust. We select, recruit and train our Care Workers to meet our meticulous standards for the highest quality home care. Our care team is built on more than just experience and qualifications; professional pride and genuine personal investment in helping others make Maxim Care Services the home care provider of choice for so many.

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