Whether your loved one is dealing with an injury, illness, or other medical condition, a nurse may sometimes be required to handle certain responsibilities. One of the most common reasons for needing nursing care is for rehabilitation after strokes and other medical maladies. Nurses are also important for people dealing with chronic conditions, illnesses, and physical disabilities. With our monitoring applications, you can get real-time updates of your loved one for your peace of mind. The nursing team that works for our company is trained to provide personalised care for families with a wide range of needs. Each individual is carefully chosen for their skills, compassion and interpersonal strength.

Maxim Care Services Can Help

At Maxim Care Services, we select the best, most-skilled carers in advance so they are ready to provide the care you require – right when you need it.

Medication Reminders

Timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs.

Staying Active

Support to keep you moving and healthy, from a simple walk to specific exercises.

Meal Prep & Groceries

From shopping for groceries to planning and preparing healthy meals you’ll love.


Wherever you’re going, get a ride in a comfortable car—or yours if you prefer.

Light Housekeeping

Doing dishes or laundry, taking out the trash, plus seasonal projects and organizing.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Assistance with dressing, bathing, or toileting—always respectful and professional.


Doing activities, building friendships, fellowship, and community—or just talking.

Check-in Visits

A skilled care advisor can be there in as little as 2hrs a day to check in on you or a loved one.

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